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Chest and Dressers

Chests and dressers are a very important part of your bedroom.  They are often used with armoires to store clothes.  Chests can be used to store men or women clothes.  When you buy a chest or dresser, you should consider if it matches the other furniture in your bedroom.  Is your furniture walnut or cherry color?  What texture does the chest have?  These are all important questions to ask, especially when you...

Our customers sometimes wonder how many chests, dressers, or other bedroom storage they should buy. This is up to you! We recommend thinking about how many clothes or other things you have to store. Make sure to measure your bedroom. This will allow you to make a good decision. At nomiddleman, we always include measurements so you can check. Many bedrooms include two to three dressers or chests. You can buy a complete bedroom set that includes a dresser or buy each piece individually to match your bedroom. Style is important to think about when you buy a chest or dresser. Many people want consistent style in their bedroom. We sell a wide variety of contemporary and modern chests or dressers. You may want to purchase a set because they will come from the same factory, ensuring that all pieces are the same color. Dressers may include LED lights and mirrors as well. Dark wood stain dressers are very popular today. When considering your bedroom storage, make sure to decide if you hang most items or fold most items. People who like to hang their clothes can usually use an armoire, especially one with built in storage. A dresser or chest will only have drawers and works better for folded clothes storage.